Searching for the Right Property

What features make one house better than another? Discover what to look for in the right house and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of purchasing.

The right home

You have loan approval and an idea of where you want to live. You’ve made a list of your needs and wants in a house, and have begun to study the property market in the areas you like. When you do inspect a house, take a big notepad with you and write down everything about the house you like and dislike. It may be helpful to prepare a checklist of criteria beforehand so that you can more easily compare the properties you view. Some of the things to consider will include:

– Purposes of investment: Will there be appreciation in the value of the house if there are additions and alterations in the environment? Will you need to maintain the house continuously?  Can you reach the necessary facilities or town conveniently from the location of the house?

– Position and situation: You need to take in to account the physical structure of the property and how you imagine it to be. Would you prefer a property having a great view? So does it signify that you will have to purchase a bigger plot of land to accomplish this? How do you feel about neighbours living near you? Do you prefer your privacy? Take in to account all these information so that they won’t cause any trouble afterwards.

– Way of life: Is there going to be a problem reaching the school or offices from you new home? Is there any other families living near your area or is your family the only one there? Is it going to be a problem if you and your family have to travel far just to meet friends or relatives? Maybe the situation of the property is fine with you but it may cause inconvenience to the other members of your family.

– Access and parking: Will parking your vehicle be difficult for you? If you are buying a property in an area where the parking space is limited but there are some areas to park, do you think it will be save to park your vehicle? Will you need to pay for parking? Is it okay with your family? Will it be very far from your home?

– Feature and block: Do you think the property you intend to buy is in the proper orientation so that it can get most heat in the future? If you want properties having better energy efficiencies then go for the ones in the North east or North direction. Is the properly on the sloping region or on the slope? Will there be problems on the playgrounds and the children?

– Unique features: The property you are interested in, does it have a special design or feature which outshines all other houses? There can be appreciation in the value of the house if there are unique features. What makes the property unique? The external view or the internal features.

– Restoration: Almost all the properties will need restoration or redecoration. You need to take in to account the additional costs apart from the cost of the property. It is important to take in to account whether you want to redecorate the property yourself or look for another property that is similar to the one you are looking for.

– Be alert: It is vital that you know what you want and whether you are prepared for it or not. Use your time to check out the property and its surroundings. Do not blindly trust what the agent of the seller says. Ask around. Ask the agent whatever questions you have in your mind because you need to know about he defects and benefits of the property.

– Who is the buyer: Ask your family members to offer their suggestions. It may so happen that they suggest certain things which you must have missed. If you show up with your spouse to check out the property then it will indicate that you are serious about buying the property. Moreover, you may be offered a good price on spot.

Never forget that the ultimate decision will be made by both you and your spouse. Do not take your friends or co-workers with you when checking out properties because they will only give their own opinions dissimilar from yours. Take someone who is close to you and would be living in the same property. Follow these tips and always remember that you should but take decisions in haste.